Of all kitchen designs, one of the most commonly seen in Australia is the basic U-shaped kitchen, simply because it is considered the most efficient design. It doesn’t matter whether you have a large or a small space for your kitchen, the U-shape will provide you with plenty of uninterrupted bench space and sufficient storage to make food preparation a sheer pleasure.

Let’s look at some of the more specific benefits of the U-shaped kitchen, so you can decide if it’s the best option for your renovation or brand new home.

Advantages of U Shaped Kitchens

With no through traffic to hinder the flow of work and with a compact design, the U-shape is one of the most versatile kitchens. In a small kitchen, this design is good enough so that multiple cooks can easily work without feeling cramped and for larger kitchen spaces, it works well with a standalone island that is also becoming popular.

Efficient and user-friendly design: With a benchtop on three sides of your kitchen there are no dead or blocked areas and people can’t use the kitchen as a thoroughfare to other parts of the house. You also have all your appliances, stove, oven, sink and fridge within arm’s reach, making it a good working triangle. This means that the kitchen becomes a haven where you can work in peace with no unnecessary interruptions!

Multiple cooks make light work! The three sides to the U-shape kitchen give ample room and bench space for more than one person to cook and prepare food at the same time. There is lots of space to move around inside the U-shape and if your whole family wants to help make dinner, there is plenty of accessibility to the benchtops, and even more if you add a peninsula.

Entertaining is a breeze: Most of us find that when friends and family visit, they tend to congregate in the kitchen and the U-shape design gives everyone plenty of space. Even without a standalone island bench, the U-shape design allows people to sit and chat with you while you prepare dinner. If you have a massive kitchen, adding a large island bench simply gives you additional space for entertaining, but the U-shape design is perfect, regardless of your kitchen’s size.

Does the size of your kitchen space make a difference?

Even with the U-shape design, you can still tweak the layout to optimise your use of the space. For example, if your kitchen is long and narrow, and surrounded on three sides by walls or windows, you can either place the benchtops along all three walls or just two of the walls with a peninsula that juts out to provide seating for casual meals. The larger your kitchen space, the more room you have available to install a standalone island bench, even a large table and chairs if you prefer.

The U-shape kitchen renovation provides plenty of options for homeowners, but whatever layout you select, you will have lots of bench space, plenty of storage and heaps of room to move.

Examples of U Shaped Kitchen Designs

Here are some examples of U Shaped kitchen designs to inspire you.

u shaped kitchen designs 01

u shaped kitchen designs 02by Tischler Designs

u shaped kitchen designs 03by Hallmark Homes

u shaped kitchen ideas 01by Rosene Design

u shaped kitchen ideas 02by Architecture Republic

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