Smart technology is starting to influence all segments of our lives and many of us are already experiencing the convenience of this technology at home. When you can connect your appliances, lights, heating, sound speakers and security lights to one home network you start to realise some of these benefits. How cool is when you can turn on the A/C, switch on the radio and have your home cool and inviting when you arrive home from work in the summer?

Once you experience the power of smart technology, you will want to network more and more devices in your home. It’s only natural to want your daily life to be as convenient and comfortable as possible, and smart technology is designed to do just that.

However, apart from having your coffee steaming hot when you arrive home or wake up in the morning, can this new technology make any real difference in the kitchen? The answer is YES!

kitchen white cupboards
Here are some amazing ways to utilise technology advancements in your kitchen.

Colour changing water temperature sensors:

Have you or your kids ever been scolded because the water is too hot coming out of the tap? Well, these sensors are colour coded by temperature, and light up when the taps are turned on. Green is for cold, blue for warm, and red for too hot! They’re ideal for kitchen taps, and perfect for everyone, including kids and elderly relatives.

Smart ovens:

The best smart ovens make cooking a breeze! From touchscreen doors to built-in HD cameras, apps to watch your food cooking on the go, and Wi-Fi control to change oven settings on your smart phone. Some can even check the weight of the food and adjust the temperature settings accordingly. Arriving home just when your meal is cooked is just one of the benefits of a smart tech oven!

stove and oven power

Smart fridges:

With a networked smart fridge you can see inside your fridge from anywhere. Imagine being in the supermarket and you’re not sure if you need milk? Just open the app on your phone and you can see everything inside your fridge! These high tech fridges even keep track of expiry dates, which is a boon for everyone, but particularly elderly people. You can even link the content of your fridge to your grocery list, so when you run out of something, it automatically adds it to your shopping list.

Smart taps:

These high tech, hands free taps are great for everyone in the family. The taps turn on when they sense motion, so there’s perfect when your hands are greasy, and you don’t want to manually turn the tap on. You can even sink them with your smart home assistant and use voice commands to turn them on or off, even selecting the right temperature. What about filling the kettle? You can use voice commands and the tap will stop running when your kettle is full, and there’s also sensors to track how much water is used via each tap.

Smart cooking pots:

How about a Wi-Fi enabled all-in-one pressure cooker, rice cooker, food warmer, slow cooker, steamer, yogurt, and cake maker? Connect it to Alexa or your smart phone and you can have a piping hot meal waiting for you when you arrive home.

These are just some of the smart appliances you can install in your home right now! We haven’t even mentioned the Wi-Fi enabled weighing scales, air fryers, kitchen thermometers, blenders, toasters, and the list goes on!

Suddenly your new kitchen makeover sounds much more exciting! Contact us today on 1300 842 736 to discuss your renovation.