Bathroom renovations can be quite intimidating for many household owners. It’s not just the logistics of the task but the budget associated to it can seem quite daunting. Therefore, it’s important to have an insight into how much a bathroom renovation costs. The costs depends upon the style, accessories used and other modelling factors associated with renovating a bathroom. If you are a Melbourne local, it’s essential to be acquainted with the average price of bathroom renovations in Melbourne.

On average, a bathroom can be renovated around $25,000 AUD however, you can spend less than this amount if you need bathroom renovations on a budget, and require a relatively small bathroom. View our financing options which can make it a lot easier to afford your remodel.

Plan your budget early on

Before starting your renovation, it’s important to understand and have an idea ahead of time. Have realistic expectations and set a good budget for the renovation as your comfort and potential resale value should be priority. Have a cost estimate from the contractor and undertake thorough research on the prices of various accessories you’ll want in remodelling your bathroom.

Having thorough knowledge about the various processes and rate lists will allow you to choose the best option suited to your particular requirements. Estimating the remodelling costs can be tricky as you need to factor in labour costs as as well as various fixtures. At the bottom of the article we provide some ball park figures on these.

Elements including:

  • faucets,
  • floor plan changes,
  • new floorings,
  • cabinets and
  • lighting

Smaller bathrooms are easier to remodel as they involve less fixtures and labour costs due to a smaller square footage.

It’s no surprise that a common question we get is how much to renovate a bathroom? It’s one of the most heavily used rooms in the house and can add value if done well. Remodelling your bathroom isn’t an easy task for DIY. Take inspiration by undertaking research through credible bathroom designs and shortlist the ones that appeal you most.

Beware not to set unrealistic standards as it will leave you unsatisfied at the end. Try to manage according to your budget and don’t overspend it. A good remodel isn’t dependent upon the budget but rather the aesthetics of the homeowner.

How Much to Renovate a Bathroom

As mentioned earlier in the article, if you want to know how much it costs to renovate a bathroom, $25k is a good guide. But every project is different and depending on the size, level of customisation and quality of fittings, you can definitely spend more or less than this. Below is some information on specific elements of a bathroom renovation cost.

Budget for various bathroom features

Here are some ballpark prices on various features of a bathroom renovation. Obviously, the costs can vary based on the quality of each item and size.

$2000 Tiles

$1200 Vanity

$1200 Bath

$250 Shower Screen

$250 Taps, Mixers, Wastes

$200 Lights and Exhaust Fan

$200 Accessories (towel rails and hooks, etc.)

Being a Melbourne resident, it’s important to be in contact with an authentic and reputable builder that would guide you through the process and help you achieve your target within budget and on time. Contact My Bathroom for a free non-obligatory quote and we’ll adhere to all your bathroom renovation related queries. Our committed team is always welcoming new customers to equip them with the right knowledge and design for their bathroom.