Nothing lasts forever and tapware is a good example. Over time, the arms of cheap faucets can spring leaks, shooting out water whenever they are turned on and no amount of new washers can stop them from dripping. So at some time or another, you will need to replace your taps, but do you go for another cheap option or invest in a quality tap?

Like with many things – you get what you pay for in life

There’s no denying that the more high-end tapware has a distinct edge on the cheaper options, particularly regarding the inner components. Cheap tapware is composed of light plastic parts that break and wear over time, which is why they need to be replaced more often than more high-end tapware.

On the other hand, quality faucets that clearly costs more, is composed of metal components, often brass, that are manufactured individually, rather than in bulk on assembly lines. It’s this attention to detail using high quality and long lasting materials that increases the cost of this premium taps. At the same time however, this craftsmanship gives you a quality product that outlasts more cheaper options.

tapware faucet for bathroom

Function of your tapware

Obviously, you want a tap to turn your water on and off, but there is much more to a tap’s functionality than these simple actions. Pull down sprayers are becoming a much more popular option, extending the reach of your tap and making filling or rinsing pots so much easier. The problem with cheap alternatives is that they don’t have a magnetic docking station or automatic retraction, so they don’t retract smoothly back into place when you are done.

These are some of the extra features of high-end tapware, because they have magnetic docking stations and automatic retraction, making these pull down sprayers smooth and easy to use. Other features often seen in more quality faucets is a 360 degree swivel, adjustable spray patterns and even touchless operation.

Design of your tapware

Cheap tapware is rarely designed by experts, manufactured with precision or handcrafted by specialists. Instead they are mass produced for the market place with a focus on affordability, rather than design. It’s because they are so cheap that they can be replaced so often, which is an accepted practice when you buy low quality faucets.

Something to be aware of is that many of these cheap options are designed to mirror more high-end options, but the quality and durability is lacking.

Finish of your tapware

Many low quality faucets are simply made from plastic with a metallic coating, so the finish initially looks stunning, but it wears away very quickly. One way to identify a cheap copy of a designer tap is that it’s very lightweight, due to the plastic components, whereas a high-end piece is very heavy.

Cheaper tapware will pit, fade and show water marks very quickly, and you only have a limited number of finishes. More expensive high-end taps are available in a much larger range of finishes, including rose gold, unlacquered brass, brushed bronze and copper, all finishes that get better with age, not worse.

It’s your decision, but a designer tap is a much better long term investment than a cheaper and lower quality option. For help renovating your bathroom or kitchen, call My Bathroom on 1300 842 736.