It’s fair to say that the one item everyone wants in their kitchen today is an island bench. With the kitchen as the heart of the home, it’s not difficult to understand why island benches are so popular. They are available in all shapes and sizes, endless designs and a multitude of bench tops, making them the perfect addition to your new bespoke kitchen design.

kitchen island bench

If you are considering a kitchen renovation, let’s take a look at why an island bench can be a game changer for your family.

1. Additional storage: If you lack storage space in your kitchen then an island bench ticks all the boxes. Whether you want soft close deep drawers in your island, open shelving or cabinetry, you can customise your island bench with all the storage you will ever need.

2. Casual dining: With an overhang of the bench top there will be plenty of space for everyone to comfortably sit around the island for casual dining. Whether that’s for breakfast, a quick lunch or dinner on the run, kitchen islands are perfect for casual dining.

3. Extra work surface: How many times have you needed more prep space in your kitchen? From chopping vegetables and rolling out pastry to making dough, slicing a roast or plating a meal, kitchen islands give you an enormous amount of very usable workspace.

4. Appliance central! Do you need a spot in your kitchen to use your Kenward Mixer? Maybe you need a permeant location for your espresso machine or juicer? The additional space supplied by an island bench provides all the room you need for your appliances. Whether they have a permanent home on the bench top or are stored away underneath, an island makes working with your appliances a pleasure. To maximise this efficiency, however, don’t forget to include a few power outlets in the bench so that you don’t have wires draping across the bench top (you can even invest in a charging drawer for your appliances and electronics!).

5. Increased flexibility: A kitchen island can be a great place for a stovetop with built in extractor or overhead range hood, as well as an extra sink, additional dishwasher, bar fridge, cold drawer and so on. The kids can also sit at the island to do their homework and parents can use it as a desk for their laptop if study space is limited.

6. Fabulous focal point: There’s no denying that a well-designed kitchen island is a joy to behold! It pulls your entire kitchen design together and is an eye-catching addition to your kitchen.

7. Added value: Apart from the aesthetics, functionality and practicality of a kitchen island, they can also increase the value of your home. That’s because buyers want modern kitchens that make the most of the space and offer an increased amount of flexibility for their family. Which is exactly what kitchen islands offer!

For kitchens with limited space, you could also consider the addition of a peninsula rather than a free-standing bench island. This would give you nearly all the benefits of an island, whilst requiring less space.

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