Do you want to improve the look and feel of your home? Two of the best places to start are your kitchen and bathroom. These are two of the most highly used rooms in a house and neglecting them during a home renovation is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make.

Here are some of the key benefits from investing in bathroom renovation and kitchen makeovers. These illustrate some of the major reasons why it makes sense to proceed with a bathroom or kitchen renovation and take your home to the next level.

Benefits of bathroom renovations

Let’s begin by looking at the benefits associated with bathroom renovations

You can make it look modern and luxurious

We spend so much time in a bathroom, so why not ensure the room is a sanctuary that you can enjoy. There are numerous modern and luxurious elements available these days and with bathroom renovations Melbourne, you will be able to introduce them. Not only will they make your bathroom more attractive but a makeover or remodel can ensure the space is highly functional as well.

Some of the innovations available for you to consider include modern lighting, shower cabinets, smart toilets, heated towel rails and double vanities. Once you take the plunge, you might even be able to enjoy your favourite TV show while relaxing in a spa bath or jacuzzi.

You can make your home energy efficient

If you go ahead with a bathroom renovations project, it also gives you the opportunity to figure out the different areas where you waste energy in your bathroom and address them. According to experts, a standard bathroom renovations project will help enhance the overall energy efficiency of your home by around 10%. This will save you lots of money each year. Things such as energy efficient lighting, extractor fan, heating and shower fixtures can all contribute to this.

You can add more space to the bathroom

Most of us deal with the negative effects of having limited space within the bathroom. If you are one of them, a bathroom renovation project will take a lot of stress out of your day to day lives. During the design phase, an expert will ensure they maximise storage space. Storage racks, floating shelves, trolleys, medicine cabinets, open shelving and wall storage are some of the options available for you to consider.

You can get a more functional layout

Improving the bathroom layout so that it’s more functional is another big benefit from a renovation. Your bathroom contractor will likely have years of experience performing similar projects and will be able to maximise space and functionality through smart placement of the toilet, bath, shower, vanity and other essentials.

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Benefits of kitchen renovations

While keeping the benefits of bathroom renovations in mind, let’s look at the benefits that you can gain out of kitchen renovations as well.

You can enhance appearance of your kitchen

A kitchen renovation project can transition a tired old kitchen into a modern appearance. When you’re preparing food on a regular basis, the last thing you want is a rundown space that feels gloomy and old. Bringing your kitchen up to date will not only enhance the look but also enhance the overall value of your home. This is major reason for people to proceed with kitchen renovations in Melbourne.

You can enhance the functionality of your kitchen

A kitchen renovation project will also enhance the overall functionality of your kitchen. Having access to high-use items is a must, maximising efficiency and reducing your stress as you cook meals. After the kitchen renovation project, spending time in your kitchen while preparing food will become fun, easy and efficient.

You can increase your bench space and storage

Following on from a more functional kitchen is the importance of space. A remodel will allow you to increase the size of your bench and potentially add an island. You can even add stools to this, giving the family their very own breakfast bar to eat at. Kitchen renovations also allow you to put in more storage space and modernise fixtures such as cupboard handles.

You can improve energy efficiency

A kitchen makeover gives you the opportunity to improve the energy efficient in the space, which will have a flow on effect of reducing your overall power bills. Investing in more energy efficient appliances is a must, and if your fridge, dishwasher and other goods have high star ratings, this will make a big difference. Older kitchens usually have poor ventilation so redesigning yours with this in mind you can ensure air circulates better which improves performance of your appliances too. Enlarging your windows or putting in a skylight will bring in more natural light, reducing your reliance on lighting.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits from undertaking both bathroom and kitchen renovations projects. Take a look at the current state of your bathroom or kitchen, and if you feel they aren’t what you’d like, look to investigate the renovation option. We have a range of financing options so even if you can’t afford a big upfront cost, you can still make the changes you deserve.

Contact an expert to get the ball rolling on your bathroom and kitchen renovations and get the project done without hassle or frustration, so you can start experiencing all the benefits listed above.