Are you considering renovating your bathroom? If so, you might be struggling to choose between a walk in shower, standard shower cubicle and a shower that’s fitted over a bathtub. Let’s take a look at the benefits of a walk in shower, so you can decide whether it’s the best option for your situation.

Walk in showers look fabulous!

A walk in shower improves the flow within your bathroom and gives it a high-end designer feel. Whenever you see pictures of walk in showers, they always look sleek, minimalistic and luxurious, which not only gives your bathroom a wonderful spa-like ambiance, but also increases the value of your home.

Walk in showers are easier to clean

A sleek walk in shower is much quicker and easier to clean than a bathtub or standard cubicle shower. This is because the shower floor can simply be mopped or steamed along with the rest of the bathroom floor (because it’s all one floor) and the toughened glass shower screen just needs a quick spray to keep it gleaming.

There’s also far fewer corners and edges to collect debris and grow mould, no door handles or hinges to get dirty and no shower curtain that always gets mouldy!

Walk in showers are indestructible!

When your shower consists of tiles from floor to ceiling and a glass screen, there isn’t much to break or need repairing; there’s no need to worry about hinges or door seals needing to be replaced after a few years.

Many walk in showers use ceramic tiles, porcelain or natural stone, so they not only look wonderful and modern, but they are also very long-lasting and durable. Along with the glass shower screen, these materials continue to look fabulous for years and years, despite all the wear and tear from a young family.

The key to ensuring a long lasting walk in shower however, is not just in the tiles and the minimalistic design, but it’s in the waterproofing, which needs to be perfectly applied to the walls and the floor of the shower. Once your walk in shower is fully waterproof, it’s unlikely that you will ever have any problems, except maybe needing to replace a washer in one of the taps.

Walk in showers use space wisely

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, a walk in shower can be designed to fit into even the smallest and most awkward of spaces. They are eminently customisable and can be as large or as small as needed. This means that if you have a small bathroom and you want to squeeze both a tub and a separate shower into your bathroom, your best option is a walk in shower, because a shower cubicle is unlikely to fit. On the other hand, if you have a large bathroom, you can design a walk in shower that is the hero of your bathroom!

Whatever the size of your space, a walk in shower will make your bathroom look a lot more spacious, simply because the floor is continuous throughout the space; there’s no shower curtain or cubicle to obstruct the eye and the glass shower screen lets light bounce around the bathroom.

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